Important Tips for Living in Serviced Apartments

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Serviced apartments Singapore can be incredibly convenient. You come into town for an extended vacation or business trip and have a beautiful home already set up for you. Or, you move and get to throw out all of your old furniture and step up to a new apartment with all new furniture and attractive decor. While this is the best way to go when you want to feel at home while away from home, there are some ways you can make your stay even more enjoyable.

Get to Know the Neighborhood

Try to find out where your apartment is located prior to moving in. Make sure the neighborhood is safe and quiet. Check the distance from your apartment to locations you may need to frequent for work or places you would like to visit on your vacation. Just as you would look into the neighborhood of a hotel or suite, you should look into the location of your serviced apartments.

For example, if you are visiting Singapore for an extended vacation you may decide to stay in a fully furnished apartment in Singapore. The apartment will definitely be more comfortable than a hotel, but you have to make sure the apartment is in a quiet area of Singapore. You want to go home and relax at the end of a long day, and that requires a peaceful environment.

Amenities over Price

When it comes to the serviced apartments Singapore price, these apartments are not always the cheapest accommodations to book, there is the temptation to go with the cheapest apartment available. This is almost always a mistake! You should look at the amenities and services offered and use that to compare prices.

For example, if one furnished apartment in Singapore offers an immaculate apartment with full sized indoor swimming pool and a gym on site, you could not compare it to other serviced apartments that do not offer the gym or swimming pool. You have to keep the price comparison relevant to what is being offered. It is often better to pay a bit more for an apartment that offers more of the comforts you enjoy back home.

Space Matters

Make sure the serviced apartment your rent has enough space for everyone going on your trip. For example, a one bedroom furnished apartment in Singapore is not going to be comfortable if you are traveling with your spouse and three children. On the other hand, that one bedroom furnished apartment may be perfect if you are traveling alone for an extended business trip.

Once you arrive in your serviced apartment, treat the furniture and decorations as if they are really your own. If you break anything, you could be facing a pricey bill at the end of your stay! You would never allow your children to play rough with vases and other items in your own home, so do not allow them to do that to someone else’s property either. You should feel right at home, and that will make it easier to treat belongings as you would belongings in your own home.

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