How Purify App is Helping Android Users to Speed Up Their Devices?

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Although Android phones are great, they are notorious for slowing down especially after using several applications. This is usually caused by the apps running in the background and using the all-important physical resources of the phone such as memory and processor. Slow downs are annoying and frustrate almost everyone. Furthermore, it makes using essential functionalities of the phone such as sending emails, uploading, and downloading files, and internet browsing cumbersome and unsatisfactory. However, there is a simple solution to all these. Purify app is specially designed to protect Android devices from slowdowns.

How the app works

By installing the app from the Google Play, one instantaneously gets the power that comes with the speed booster. What is amazing is that while improving the speed of your phone, the app also saves your battery life, an important factor when traveling. When one installs the app, he or she is required to select those applications that the app should give priority. This means that whenever an app that is not on the list runs in the background, the app will stop it to ensure it does not consume the device’s resources. In order to run the apps that are not on the priority list, one will need to run the app manually. This eliminates unnecessary and automated processes such as periodic tasks, push messages, event receivers, and application updates from running. These less prioritized apps are purified.

In addition to automatically purifying the unselected apps, one also can stop all apps by clicking on a button on the app that says ‘PURIFY ALL’. This option is especially important as even the prioritized applications can slow down the phone when they are running in the background. By selecting the button, all these processes will be immediately stopped rendering all the device’s resources to the application you are currently using. The result is an instantaneously improvement on performance.

Optimized user experience

Purify app is the best speed booster app when it comes to optimizing a phone’ user experience. With the many essential things we do with our phones, optimized user experience ensures that one can effectively do those things and get the value for his money. This makes the app a necessity rather than a luxury. Moreover, installing the app will ensure to get the best out of your phone saving you from unnecessary spending on a new phone with better specs that will still slow down. The money can be used for other important activities.

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