How Much Does Termite Control Singapore Cost?

termite control Singapore cost
Close up termites or white ants in Thailand


Different species and types of termites are found in Singapore. They include; dry wood termite, dam wood termite and the subterranean termite. Although it is not an easy task to effectively control termites, there are several ways to control them. However, professional termite control Singapore  cost vary depending on a series of factors like; your home size, the pest control products that are needed, the services that are required, infestation extend and finally, how regularly the pest control company visits your home.

Factors determining the cost of termite control

1. Self-termite control – due to the economic scenario, many individuals prefer doing the job themselves. It’s a great idea provided one knows how to do it well. In self-termite control, one needs to understand the kind of pest they need to get rid of and then acquire the required tools that help in the process of elimination. Insecticides, traps and other tools cost one more than $50.

2. Service frequency – this is how often the pest control company visit your home, and this has great impacts on the cost. For instance, a company might do an advertisement for a $30 monthly program but might just be a $120 quarterly service. A quarterly basis is not beneficial because one needs to make sure that there are no future infestations.

3. Products type – pest control also varies depending on the products used for control. Some of the professionals use cheap products but very harmful to the environment. In case one wants to go green and preserve the environment, opting for natural products that reserve environment is encouraged. This will cost you more.

4. Service type – prices vary according to services offered by the pest control company. For instance, if you purchase a new home and you need the company to inspect it for termites, it will cost between $60 and $200. Fr your old home, the price is different.

5. The area covered – the area size also has a huge impact on the termite control bill. A normal size home in Singapore which is 200 square feet, the pest control service can cost you $30-$50/ monthly, $50-$100 bi-monthly services and $70-$120 for quarterly services.


There are numerous companies that may offer cheaper termite control costs in Singapore, but one can be assured that the products in use are not effective and your home might suffer re-infestation. In short, one should make sure he/she compared prices for different professional termite control companies and then employ the one with the best services and rates.

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