HIV Testing Will Not Leave You in Turmoil

Singapore HIV PEPGetting yourself tested for Singapore HIV PEP should be your number one priority – and in Singapore as in anywhere else in the world, this should be a matter of course.

These days, HIV is not a death sentence with the combination retroviral treatments that are available, so no-one should have any qualms about being tested. It is a chronic manageable disease much in the form of diabetes. Most people go on to live a very productive and high- quality existences, and have a lifespan much like anyone else.

For post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) testing, which involves taking the antiretroviral medications described above, it is advisable to get the most professional testing and advice. This would be from any HIV testing Elyonclinic, which is equipped with a top medical staff fully trained in the treatment of the disease.

The problem is the same here as in many parts of the world of people generally being uneducated in the forms of transmission and treatment, and, therefore, not willing to be sidelined in public or business with the stigma that is still attached to it. One may feel that this is only widespread among the illiterate, but this is not so. Unfortunately, some highly educated people in many professions are equally in the dark, and equally prejudiced for being so.

So, education in Singapore is desperately needed to overcome any stigma that is associated with HIV. Without testing, and subsequently not knowing your status, you could go on to become seriously ill and die. With retroviral treatment, however, the scenario is totally different. You can live a life like anyone without the disease.

Elyonclinic is also spreading the message about the transmission of HIV and how it can be prevented – also a vital part of the education message. If you are positive, however, aside from the medication that will keep you healthy, you’ll have regular check-ups for CD4 and viral load counts, kidney and liver functions and a host of other tests. In fact, as an Elyonclinic doctor will tell you, positive people are more healthy than non-positive people because they get regular health check-ups!

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