Cheap Serviced Apartments are Available for Short Term Stay in Singapore

Singapore has different types of apartments for a short-term stay; if you are searching for cheap serviced apartments Singapore, you can find them in some regions of the city. These are ideal homes for expats and others who want a temporary lease in the city.

Budget Serviced Flats

Serviced apartments are just right for individuals and families who want to furnish housing for a short period. Executives on a short posting can avail of cheap serviced apartments Singapore that offer a comfortable stay for a minimum period of 6 months. With the increasing cost of hotel accommodation, these budget homes are becoming very popular nowadays. Besides, serviced homes are preferred by expatriates rather than hotels for several reasons. It’s not practical to stay in a hotel room for several months. Moreover, it’s ideal to stay in a fully furnished flat when you are new to the city. With good furnishings and other facilities, you can have a comfortable stay with your family. Although, considered budget homes, they still offer the essential services and facilities. However, they do not have the frills normally found in luxury serviced flats. You can find different units such as single, double or 3-bedroom flats within the city.

Accommodation for a Short Stay

Short term stays in Singapore, as the name suggests ideal for those people who are new to the city. Several service providers offer pocket-friendly homes for a short-term lease. You can also get expensive flats that offer the charisma and comfort of a modern home. They are decorated tastefully with superior furnishings. Rentals typically cover all the amenities such as the internet, cable TV, linens, houseware and housekeeping. This type of accommodations is available in different areas of the city. So, if you want temporary housing for a minimum of 6 months, you can stay in these well-designed smart homes that are perfect for families. Lease periods are flexible; however, the operators have to be given prior notice if you plan to leave before the contract expires.

Short-Stay Benefits

You will find that there are numerous advantages of renting short term stay in Singapore. You can save a lot on rentals because a family of four can stay comfortably in a 2-bedroom flat. On the contrary, the cost of hotel accommodation will be very high especially for expatriates. Comfort and space are significant benefits; you can relax after a hard day’s work in the spacious living room and large bedrooms. With a fully equipped modern kitchen, you can cook your favorite dishes. The homes are also ideal al for entertaining friends as they are fully serviced with housekeeping, laundry, and other amenities. It is these customized touches that differentiate a hotel from a serviced home. Even people in business who are considering a new venture prefer this type of accommodation as they offer Wi-Fi and other facilities. They also have flexible lease terms and are conveniently located close to the business center.

Short Term Rentals and Serviced Apartments in Singapore.

Whether you are on an extended business assignment or only moving house and in need of someplace to crash Meanwhile, Singapore offers some hassle free options in the form of serviced apartments and short term apartment rentals. Hotel malaise and their rising room rates have made this public accommodation alternative increasingly popular. The budget serviced apartments in Singapore are receiving a much better acceptance from corporates and banks these days. More and more people are clued into the availability of such apartments and short term house rentals in Singapore. For travelers or vacationers who intend to stay for only a couple of nights, these are not viable options.

Benefits of These Accommodation Alternatives

Chances are you may feel more at home in one of these serviced apartments or short term houses than you would in a hotel. They are relatively cheaper than hotels in Singapore. These lodgings are more often than not spacious, with air conditioning, broadband internet, and meticulous housekeeping services. Not only do these apartments have more elbow-room and the freedom to whip up your food in a fully equipped kitchen, but they also allow you to mix and interact with the locals. This allure of experiencing life as a Singaporean gives these accommodation facilities added charm. They were particularly great for families with kids. The budget serviced apartments in Singapore usually have fully stocked kitchen facilities, and the kids have the freedom they enjoyed back home. They also offer more social flexibility than hotel rooms where you can entertain guests, hold meetings and maybe even throw a catered dinner party. These apartments and short term house rentals in Singapore have caught the public eye so successfully that they are slowly but surely taking the lead in the accommodation market of Singapore.

Before Renting, Do Your Homework

Around the world, holidaymakers and business research the internet for booking websites that allow for pocket-solid options of stay. A quick search will reveal a plethora of choices. Try and book your choice early for best price options. A good background and review check is a must. Enquire about the services provided like air conditioning, housekeeping, maintenance, and concierges. Sometimes even well-made plans and choices backfire. So read the contract before signing. You may also be required to pay a security deposit before occupying the place. The budget serviced apartments in Singapore are to be sublet only for a contract period of 6 months or more. In case you have to leave before the conclusion end of this contract, you need to promptly give notice.

Location is Everything

Ensure that you opt for a rental or apartment located close to your point of interest. If you are here on business, decide on an apartment or rental close to your workplace. This will ensure minimized travel costs. People choose the short term house rentals in Singapore for their cost-effectiveness, excellent service and comfort and they almost always get them.

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