Benefits of staying in serviced apartments Singapore

People who are looking for mid-range accommodation to enjoy their vacation in Singapore, the very first option that comes to the mind is a hotel. However, now there is an alternative option available where you can enjoy all the facilities available at your home at relatively low prices – these are called serviced apartments Singapore. These serviced apartments Singapore are also known as self-catering apartments Singapore where you can cook food of your own taste and preference and enjoy a memorable holiday with your friends and family members.

The serviced apartments Singapore are fully furnished and offer a paramount amount of privacy and comfort which you can get at home. Now you don’t need to stay in a rented flat or luxurious hotel to spend some days in Singapore. The popularity of these service apartments are increasing at a very fast pace and huge number of apartments are now available to fulfil the requirements of visitors who often visit the city.

However, if you are wondering what serviced apartments Singapore are all about, scroll down to check the benefits of staying in such a place.

This is one of the biggest advantages of these apartments that set them apart from hotels. Since these apartments have a separate living area, dining area and kitchen, you will not be confined to a small bedroom. This will surely provide you with a more comfortable feeling, especially, if you are on a business trip and need a place to unwind and to alleviate your stress after a day of work.

Ideal for family and group holidays:
Serviced apartments Singapore offer plenty of space. This proves to be very helpful for couples travelling with other family members, children or another couple. Everyone can enjoy their privacy but still hang out together at the common lounge.

You may not be planning to do much cooking during a vacation, but a kitchen with microwave and fridge can be a great option for heating up leftovers, storing snacks and drinks. This is the reason that these apartments are also known as self-catering apartments Singapore.

It is a great option when you are travelling with your children; you can prepare healthy food for them rather than eating those restaurants meals which are less healthy but too oily.

Larger space

If you want to experience a home away from your home then this is the best option to have because it not just provides you rooms rather separate room for cooking, living, dining and sleeping as well. If you are away with your kids then it is the thing to consider because kids love playing and you would find ample space to allow kids doing so. Hotels rarely offer amenities beyond the bed and every other square inch of space cost you amply.
Affordable price:
The charges of serviced apartments Singapore are much less than that of hotels. Some of them even offer good deals if you book them for a month or for an entire week. Moreover, you can cook your own food which eliminates spending on restaurant bills.

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